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c. Moscow, hotel "Novotel Novoslobodskaya", 27 May 2009
RUSLOM – 2009: a way out of crisis!
About Ruslom - 2009

May 27, 2009, on Wednesday, in the hotel «Novotel - Novoslobodskaya» (Moscow) will host a meeting of leading scrap market players in Ruslom-2009. This event is the famous scrap conference in Russia attracting only the most senior and influential companies in the industry.

2008/9 has seen the global credit crisis affect all industries. The economic crisis severely affected the Russian scrap market: the decline of domestic scrap consumption almost 2 / 3 of the pre-crisis level of steel makers put many scrap yards on the brink of bankruptcy. At the same time Ruslom.ru has quite interesting statistics - not less than 70% of our clients while greatly affected by the non-payment, but managed to retain their business. Yes, many of them are now working with low-margin small shipments, but they are not close and did not go out of business, but instead dreamed of « widening of business» after the mass bankruptcy of their fortuneless colleagues.

    Ruslom-2009’s topics

  • Russian scrap market in 1st quarter 2009 and further scenario on 2009
  • Russian domestic scrap market in 2009
  • Container-based shipments as the cost saving approact
  • to the cut of transportation fees
  • World and domestic waste chips market
  • Scrap export review: negative impact of government order about limitation place of custom control of scrap export
  • Scrap yard’s economics in credit crisis: optimal level of procurement prices, process costs, total fees (with “undretable fees”) of typical yard
  • Gorgeousness and poverty of subsidiaries in crisis (“subsidiary” as used here “a main scrap supplier to a steelmaker, associated with it” )
  • Non-ferrous scrap market: nickel, copper, aluminium
  • Risk forecast approaches in the field of price-cutting for scrap suppliers with use Ruslom’s analytical reports

The Novotel Novoslobodskaya Hotel, Moscow, is located in the centre of the capital, close to subsidiaries of major overseas companies and business centres, such as AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, MEYERHOLD CENTER and PARUS. In 2-kilometres' distance is the Kremlin and Red Square, as well as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Fine Arts Museum and the Circus in Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya exhibition centre, the International Commerce Centre and the Olympiysky sports complex are only 4 kilometres away from the hotel.

The hotel is situated about 29 kilometres away from the Sheremetyevo Airport, 40 kilometres away from the Vnukovo Airport and about 50 kilometres away from the Domodedovo Airport. It takes not more than 10 minutes by metro to any railway station.

Novotel Novoslobodskaya Hotel address:
Novoslobodskaya str 23
127055 MOSCOW
Tel . +7 495 7804000
Fax.  +7 495 7804003
e-mail: reservations@novotelmoscow.ru
GPS. N 55° 46' 58.10''  E 37° 35' 48.00''

Form of participation Full-time participation at payment till 5 April, 2009 Full-time participation at payment from 5 April to 15 May 2009 Full-time participation at payment till 15 May 2009 Correspondence participation
Price 260 $ 399 $ 499 $ 250 $

    Full-time participation in the conference include:
  • Participation in all conference sessions, including lunch and coffee breaks
  • Collection of conference materials in electronic form
    Correspondence participation (for those, who cannot personally be present) includes a mail (or in the offices of the Organizing Committee - in Moscow or in Taganrog) all of the conference materials as the link for download.
    The cost of accommodation in the registration fee is not included.
Make an Participation Order.

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The Additional Conference information you can get from the Ruslom English speaking employees
Tel/Fax +7(495) 642-84-80
Tel/Fax +7(8634) 646-500
Tel/Fax +7(8634) 375-014
Icq  2248041884 (English speaking and typing)
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